Austin-Tuck Studios is located in the heart of Gastown in Vancouver, BC, Canada, and operates under the direction of Mel Tuck and Debra Podowski.

We offer a wide range of acting classes designed to provide you with the training techniques, tools, and the discipline to help you build your success as an actor.

Acting class sizes are small, the acting class schedules are ongoing and affordable and we provide some of the best acting instruction in the country. Browse our website to see our superb alumni list as well as our current working students. We feel we have the best acting classes Vancouver has to offer.

Opportunity knocks…be ready!

Here are some wise words from a few of our alumni:

“Canada’s growing entertainment industry needs an acting school that truly prepares actors, Austin-Tuck Studio is such a place. With highly skilled instructors that have years of experience in theater, film and television, they play an integral part in creating the best atmosphere for both beginning and professional actors. This studio provides the performer with a safe environment to hone their craft as well as exercise their abilities. It is so important for an actor to have a solid foundation from which to grow and I have the utmost faith they will receive that at this wonderful school.”
(Alumni) Kaaren de Zilva, “Juno”

“Acting is doing.  You have to do it to get good at it.  No one ever got better at anything without commitment, dedication, and practical experience. If you are not in a play, TV series or movie,  and even then you may not be getting the inspiration you need as a growing artist.  The surest way to be cast, is to take a class or get in a fine arts program.  Get yourself cast. Young actors need to acquire experience,  so get inspired,  take a class and another and another. Find the teachers that challenge you, encourage you and motivate you.  It’s your life.  It’s your career.  Do it.”
John-Pyper Ferguson (Alumni) “Unforgiven, Brothers & Sisters, Drive”